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To all our beloved family and friends. Yay! We're finally getting married. I am marrying the love of my life and it is the happiest thing that I could be doing. I want to spend every moment with her.

Over the next months, we'll be sorting out the wedding details, booking the hall, deciding on the food (and cake), and getting the limo rental which will be taking us to church. Did I tell you how excited I am?

Now, as far as the wedding preparation and planning is going, Sandra is doing most of it. She is trying hard to keep things on budget, so we'll asking local vendors if they have any special deals and promotions. We've also been able to find some wonderful offers from the great people on the vendor section, so we're really appreciative of this resource that has helped us tremendously in our wedding preparation.

We're also currently looking into the other preparations such as the registry, the food and the bonbonaires. We've decided on some of these but not on all of them yet.

We know that many of you will be coming from out of town so we'd like to also have a list of recommended hotels that are reasonably priced which are not too far away from the hall. Right now, here are the ones we're thinking of:

    Best Western Plus

    Holiday Inn Express

    Toronto Don Valley Hotel

    Comfort Inn Toronto

We'll add more once we have the hall booked and can confirm more details.

Right now, Sandra is looking into the flowers and the decoration. She really like the color pink so she wants to have decorations that are in line with this color (let's just say we're having a little disagreement about this :). Anyways, she really is doing a great job (I Love you honey). She even got us some giveaways by contacting a few local companies, we've actually won a free limousine ride with bright star limo, they are going to be out wedding limousine toronto provider at no charge (well they did say that if we get an SUV limousine rental from them they'll give us a stretch completely free of charge, Sandra won it in a contest!). Anyways, we're grateful for that.

I'll be trying to keep you all informed about the latest with our wedding prep.

Thank You all for your support and help!


John & Sandra

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